Help Others Fall in Love With Fitness

We believe that instructors can be the difference between someone falling in love with fitness or walking away, and now we have the research to prove it.

We’ve all been to classes that just didn’t meet the mark, or have chosen classes we normally wouldn’t go to because we know our favourite instructor will be teaching. But why is this?

Many assume that the “no pain, no gain,” controlling and pressurized approach to working out gets better physical results and, in turn, leads people to come back for more. But, in fact, the opposite appears to be true.

Instructors have a significant effect on whether people keep up with or drop out of an exercise program. And whether or not they fall in love with fitness.

Participants of the study confirmed that instructors with motivational rather than intimidating communication styles made them feel more confident about and in control of their workouts. Compared with instructors who use a “no pain, no gain” teaching style, the motivationally adaptive communication style encouraged participants by making them feel more supported and respected by their instructor. This approach allows members to develop a personal connection with their instructor and supports a mental change so that people want to work out rather than walk out.

Motivational communication has long been an integral part of a instructor training and ongoing education, so you can feel confident than you’re receiving the world-class training you need to make a difference in people’s lives.

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